Little and Broad Haven History

1882 The RNLI established a lifeboat station named Littlehaven. The lifeboat was kept afloat in a sheltered position under Goldtrop Head.

1903 A new boathouse and slipway were built.

1921 The station closed as there was little inshore traffic and it was difficult finding a crew. The lifeboats at St David's and Angle were also able to cover the area.

1967 The station, renamed as Little & Broad Haven, was reopened in May with a service of dedication in July. The Inshore Lifeboat was operated from a building approximately slightly bigger than a private garage. It was built by the Haverfordwest Rural District Council at the entrance to Little Haven Boat Park, the RNLI's smallest station. Souvenirs had been sold from a caravan at the back of the Millbrook Guest House

1982 A new boathouse constructed at a cost of £48,000. As well as housing the D class lifeboat and tractor it includes a drying room, a crew' room and a souvenir shop.

1987 Mr Elson Phillips Honorary Secretary from 1967 to 1987, and afterwards Chairman, is awarded a Gold Badge.

1989 Station changes from summer only to all year round service. The first women join the crew.

1992 A new boathouse was built for the D class lifeboat and also provided a drying room and souvenir sales outlet.

1995 A Bronze Medal was awarded to Helmsman Crispin Williamson and Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum to Crew Members Brian Dilly and David Love for rescuing a family of six cut off by a rising tide at the foot of the cliffs at North Haven. The family had been out in a 10ft dinghy when their dinghy was swamped and had to be abandoned in heavy breaking seas and deteriorating weather conditions.

A new D class lifeboat was placed on service on 4 July

2004 A Framed Letter of Thanks was awarded to Helmsman Crispin Williamson when the D class lifeboat saved three children cut off by the tide at the bottom of a cliff at Little Haven.

The new D class, D-628, was placed on service on 5 August.

2005 The new D class lifeboat was named Austin Burnett on 2 April.

Station honours
At Little and Broad Haven lifeboat station the following awards have been made:

Framed Letter of Thanks 1
Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum 2
Bronze Medal 1