Little and Broad Haven Fundraising Branch

Little and Broad Haven Branch was formed on 06 December 1975 as a Ladies Guild, its sole purpose to raise funds for the RNLI. Converting to a Branch in the early 1980’s this enabled men to become involved so widening expertise and horizons, though the first male chairman was not elected until 2007.

The Branch today is small but vibrant with effective fundraising strategies adapted to cope with the demographic changes in our community.

Little Haven Fundraisers

The Branch is community based; fund raising activities are made easier because of the village presence of the Lifeboat Station, making the RNLI integral to life in the community. The boundaries between crew and fundraisers are narrow because of whole family involvement and commitment in the operations and fundraising areas.

The Souvenir Shop is manned by volunteers from our local villages and surrounding areas, many of whom do not become involved in other fundraising activities but willingly give many hours of their time to ensure the success of the Souvenir Shop, which in the last five years has raised £130,816.

Fundraising events organised by the Branch are successful and well supported by local residents and holiday makers, whether it be Supper Dance, S.O.S. activities, Cocktail Parties, Fish & Chips suppers, Christmas Fayres and Collecting Boxes to name but a few. Consequently during the last few years we have been able through hard work, commitment, dedication and continued support from the community to raise a total of £228,383.

This hard work has been recognised by the RNLI. Since 1980 Branch members have received:
2 Certificates of Thanks
6 Statuettes or Bronze Badges
6 Silver Badges
4 Gold Badges
3 Bars to Gold Badges

Eight of these members are still serving as committee members, two with Bar to Gold Badges are the Chairman and Secretary. These awards indicate that small Branches which are part of the RNLI family and who are unstintingly working to further the effectiveness and economic stability of the RNLI are a valuable asset in this increasingly IT based climate.

This proves that you don’t have to be a lifeboatman to save lives.
Mary Whitewright, Secretary.